What are Childrens Check-ups?

Dental examinations for children ideally should commence as soon as they gain their first tooth. Each & every child is different and primary teeth can erupt at any point during a child’s first year of life. However it is usually around six months of age. By 2-3 years of age a child should have their second deciduous (baby) molars.

Generally from the age of 6years a child should start to be gaining a few of their permanent teeth, both at the front of their mouths and at the back behind their second deciduous (baby) molars.

Regular visits to the dentist are as important for children as adults to ensure they receive the correct advice to enable their dental health to be kept to a high standard.

What Are The Benefits?

Healthy eating and dietary analysis can often be extremely beneficial to ensuring future dental needs are reduced. We seek to encourage each and every child to want to look after their own teeth to ensure they remain free of dental pain and decay.

How Is It Done?

Early examinations allows the child to gain trust and experience no fear of the examination. The experience should be enjoyable and at The Dentist @ Tupsley we have a variety of sunglasses the children can wear in the comfort of the dental chair. They can either sit alone in the chair or on the parent’s knee, whichever they feel at ease with.

We have a child friendly practice with a children’s play area and all of our staff are trained to ensure that your child has an enjoyable visit to the dentist. We have a designated oral health educator to help with advice and provide education and support throughout.

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