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What are Crowns?

Often patients require more extensive restorations, through the use of a crown. This fits around the entire tooth which will have been prepared. (Essentially your tooth is just a little smaller in size after it has been prepared). The aim of crown is to ensure the tooth is restored to its natural shape and is strong enough for daily use.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of materials that can be used for crown construction. They can be constructed from purely porcelain. This is made entirely out of porcelain and is very aesthetic. They are a very natural looking and a popular option for front teeth. When a crown is made out of porcelain and bonded to metal, (porcelain bonded crown) a thin layer of porcelain covers a metal inner layer. These are generally much stronger than a porcelain crown but may not be as aesthetically pleasing and are often used to restore back teeth. A ceramic crown can also be constructed nowadays from a press able ceramic. With all crowns there is need to maintain excellent oral hygiene, especially around the margins, however crowns are a way of prolonging the life span of a heavily restored or fractured tooth.

How Is It Done?

Crowns are used as a method of repairing teeth. Sometimes teeth can be weak due to decay or fragile due to a current large filling. Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth that is discoloured through staining and to protect a tooth that has been root filled. X-rays are first taken to ensure there is no infection present before the tooth is prepared for the crown, however sometimes, unfortunately the tooth requires further treatment such as a root filling after a new crown has been fitted, this is sometimes unpredictable as teeth occasionally become symptomatic.

Once the tooth has been prepared a number of impressions are taken so that the dental technician can construct a handmade restoration to fit over the tooth. This process takes approximately 2weeks therefore following the impression a chair side temporary crown is placed to protect your tooth while the crown is being hand crafted.

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