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What are Check-ups?

Your dental examination gives the dentist the opportunity to assess your dental health, to ensure problems are avoided or that they can be dealt with before they have a chance to cause trouble and inconvenience.

What Are The Benefits?

If left untreated problems may be more difficult to deal with in the future. Our team at The Dentist @ Tupsley will also give you the time to talk through any problems you may have had since your last visit to the dentist. This is a perfect opportunity for you to chat with your dentist about any queries or concerns you may have about your dental health.

How Is It Done?

At The Dentist @ Tupsley all of our clinicians are highly trained to examine both the hard tissues of the mouth (the teeth) also the soft tissues which include the gums and the oral cavity itself, including the floor of the mouth, and tongue. In addition each patient at every examination will have a full oral cancer screen, which will include palpation of the neck to assess if there are any swollen glands present. Early detection is vital. Dental X-rays may be necessary for a complete examination and dental assessment, however you can rest assured we are completely digital at the practice which keeps the radiation dose to an absolute minimum for every patient via the use of fixed collimation. In addition film holding devices ensures that every image produced is of diagnostic quality.

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