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What is A Hygienist?

Oral hygiene is important to ensure you have a healthy smile. Your teeth will look and feel clean, your gums will not bleed when you brush them and you should not experience bad breath. Hygiene treatment also involves recording measurements so that we have a baseline of periodontal (gum) health to monitor changes and target any necessary treatments.

What Are The Benefits?

Our hygienist in hereford (and highly trained dentists and staff) are here to ensure you are aware of the best ways to ensure you are focusing on the areas in your mouth that may need extra care and attention. This focus could be on aspects of oral hygiene including “brushing your teeth” (really gum brushing) in the right way and knowing the importance of using Tepes (interdental brushes) or floss every day to ensure you have no bleeding from your gums for a perfectly healthy mouth.
Interdental brushes enable you to remove bacteria from the areas unreachable through the use of your toothbrush, as they get between & beneath the gum line as well as between your teeth. A small headed tooth brush is preferable or if possible an electric toothbrush is the gold standard of excellent oral care.

Your dental hygienist will be able to give you more in-depth detail about the right procedures for you, including advice for those with limited manual dexterity. As well as keeping you motivated to achieve excellent oral health.

How Is It Done?

Hygiene care is divided into assessment, education, encouragement, and active treatment. At The Dentist @ Tupsley we have all the latest technology to show you how you are progressing in achieving a healthy mouth. We are able to take intraoral photographs of plaque deposits on your teeth using a small camera that differentiates plaque less than 24hours old to deposits that have been there in excess of 24hours (should you wish to see them on a flat TV screen at the foot of the dental chair).

We will actively involve you in the management of your gum health with visual records, charts and suggestions of how things could improve. Should you be a smoker and wish to quit we will actively try to encourage and assist you to do so.

Hygiene treatment can be carried out painlessly with fine instruments and a compassionate dental team looking after you. We will always assess if you require anaesthetic and provide pre anaesthetic ointment to make the appointment comfortable for you.

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