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What are Veneers?

Veneers can be made using a thin layer of porcelain or on occasions a composite material can be used, this would be natural in colour, to match other teeth.

What Are The Benefits?

A veneer should last you for a number of years, due to positioning at the front of the mouth, they can chip just like a natural tooth. Small chips may be able to be repaired or a replacement veneer may be required.

How Is It Done?

Veneers would be used when an individual was seeking to improve the colour, shape or position of a tooth, instead of having orthodontic treatment, or when orthodontic treatment is an unsuitable option, assuming the “bite” is favourable. When a veneer can also be used to improve the colour of a discoloured tooth, a shade of porcelain right for your tooth would be chosen. The visual aesthetics of a tooth could also be altered through the use of a veneer. Small gaps or teeth with slight misalignments can be corrected using veneers

The use of veneers allows teeth to look healthy and natural, the tooth requires very little preparation and as a result preserves the natural tooth structure as much as possible.

The treatment will take at least two visits. This is because our dedicated laboratory technician will produce a “mock up” of how the veneers will look 1st for you to see. Then if you are happy with the proposed treatment the tooth would then be prepared, impressions taken and the colour matching taken. On the second visit the veneer would be fitted with an adhesive and oral hygiene advice given on the way your new veneers need taking care of.

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